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Is This You?

Who are the people I can help?

See if you recognize yourself in any of these:

• Throughout the day you keep thinking about the past.  It may be a specific, painful event or many more general memories of your earlier life.  Intrusive thoughts and feelings interfere with your life now.

• Where is the excitement you once felt about your life?  Though you may be successful in your personal life and your work, you're longing for the juicy liveliness and anticipation you used to feel about your life.  Where did the fun go?  How can you get it back?

• Your energy is dragging and it feels impossible to get anything done. You are either sleeping too much or not enough.  You may be losing lots of weight, or eating more or less continually.  You feel out of control of your life and you want your vitality back.

• You worry continually about one thing or another.  You startle easily; you're easily pushed to tears or anger, feeling worried about or irritated with people close to you.  Fears and worries keep you up or waken you during the night with a racing heart and a tight chest.  You try talking yourself out of these feelings but so far this hasn't worked.

• When faced with a decision you get tangled among the options and do nothing.  Even a simple choice feels like a personal hell.  It's safer to just save it for another day when you hope it will be easier, but when the backlog of issues finally needs attention, overwhelm takes over and you set them aside yet again.  This procrastination cycle is demoralizing and feels endless. 

No matter which of these situations you may find yourself in, we can work together to help you find your bearings again.

My clients are people who may...

...want help sorting out and dealing with a traumatic incident or loss.
...feel depressed or anxious.
...can't stop worrying or imagining the worst.
...want to stop focusing so much on the past and be more present in the Now.
...want to learn how to manage strong moods and feelings.

People also come to therapy for many situations not listed above.

How will this work for you? What is possible?

What matters most when you and I are working together is that regardless of the problems you want to confront, you define the goals that represent your highest hope for your life. You define what deep satisfaction looks like in your unique life so I can help you set your course for it.

I’m here to help you find the relief and clarity you seek.


And the day came,
when the risk
to remain tight
in a bud
was more painful
than the risk
it took
to blossom.

—Anais Nin

Will it work? Will you start feeling better?

It will if you have these values...

  • You're ready and willing to show up for yourself in a big way.
  • You know there's more to you than these current problems.
  • You believe – or at least hope – that change is possible for you.
  • You're ready to "rewrite" the story of yourself and the life you've been living.
  • You're committed to this important work even when it’s most challenging.

If this is you, you may now be wondering how we would work together.  You can give me a call at 425-501-8894 if you have questions about this.

Check out “How It Works” for more information.


Betsy Wright Loving, MSW, LICSW, Psychotherapist, Arlington / Burlington, Washington 425-501-8894

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